New TV show worth noting: "The Good Place"

NBC's The Good Place premieres Sept. 19th at 10 PM on KING5.

SEATTLE - It's premiere season! All the fall shows are debuting over the next few weeks and one worth noting is called “The Good Place.

It's about a woman who dies and wakes up in the afterlife, which is a very nice neighborhood full of very nice people. But it turns out, she wasn't a nice person in real life at all... And is only there because of a clerical error. When things start to go wrong, the neighborhood's middle manager panics, and the comedy ensues.


It's by the same guy who brought us "Parks and Rec," so you can expect that same general kind of humor.







Evening's Kim Holcomb got a chance to interview the stars about the show, and Kristen Bell told her something that you don't normally hear actors say.

"You both have done all kinds of genres. What is it about comedy that you love doing?" asked Kim.

"I like laughing more than I like crying, let's just start with that,” said Bell. “I find the way that I'm choosing projects these days in my life is, will I have a good time when I'm there? Will I actually enjoy my day to day lifestyle? As opposed to being in the results business, or worrying about what people will like about it or will it be popular, that's all tabled for me. I could sort of care less at this point. I want to know that I'm going to have a good day to day existence."

"Which is the one thing you have control over," said Ted Danson.

"Exactly. Which is working with my friends, and I find that when you're shooting a comedy, generally, you're laughing a lot more during the day than when you're shooting a drama."

Kim says a happy cast also makes for good chemistry because she really likes this show.

It's clever and smart, and you can watch the show’s premiere at 10 PM tonight (Sept. 19th, 2016) on KING5.




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