Master multitasker juggles the impossible

Roberto the Magnificent is the ultimate multitasker. We wish we were as good in everyday life.

SEATTLE - Seems like all of us are crazy busy nowadays, but take one look at Roberto the Magnificent, and you'll feel like you've got nothing going on.

“I learned when I was 11 and started making money. We'd go down to Seattle Center, pass the hat for tips,” said Roberto. “Quit doing my paper route. Quit mowing lawns. And figured y'know I'm going to go into business as a professional juggler.”

That was 32 years ago.

Roberto's so-called "Crazy Comedy Stunt Show" is all that and more. The former silver medalist at the Juggling World Championships can handle golf clubs, twirl rope and dance. He is the ultimate multitasker.

“I'm really not thinking about the future. And worrying about that. I'm not really thinking about the past,” said Roberto. “I'm kind of stuck right in that moment on stage.  And um it's kind of a nice place to be sometimes."

With his brother Richard by his side, Roberto defies death on the suicycle! And changes the world one crazy comedy stunt at a time.

“I love just entertaining, making people laugh and have a good time and not worried about all the problems that are going on around the world,” said Roberto.

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