Kong: Skull Island stars bonded over Brie Larson planned excursions

Kong Skull Island actors bonded over "Brie-kends", weekend excursions organized by Brie Larson.

It is just one of the tools of the actor's trade: the ability to give that look that says “O.M.G.”

The 100-foot tall beasts in "Kong: Skull Island" may look real, but of course they're not.

“Really it's just a green screen and a tape mark,” says Brie Larson.

  To give their best “O.M.G.” looks, both Tom Hiddleston and Larson pulled from real life animal encounters.

   “There was a time I was in India,” says Hiddleston. “I saw a tiger in the wild and it was so beautiful and also so terrifying.”

    “The first time I got up close to an elephant I was very conflicted by the experience,” says Larson.” It was this incredibly beautiful, gentle creature but you also get this sense of power."

  British actor Toby Kebbell can do awe on demand. But in his first encounter with Kong he delivers what might be one of the great movie lines of the year: “Is that a monkey?”

  The line -- featured in trailers and commercials -- was completely ad-libbed.

“They said ‘What would you say when you see this huge giant monster and he comes at you and ACTION!” and I was like ‘Is that a monkey?’ and that's what it was.

The shoot took the cast six months in there different countries: the state of Hawaii, Australia and Vietnam.

  “We were all thrown together away from home in these far flung places and we bonded together very fast,” says Hiddleston.

“There was a lot of downtime,” says John Goodman. “The kids couldn't get to their phones because there wasn't much reception.”

They all started gathering for something called "Brie-kends", organized by Brie Larson.

“These are these weekends that I would plan just something so we could have some fun,” says Larson. “We went to laser tag. We went go karting. We had barbecues. We held baby koalas. I like to do fun things on the weekend and explore the city I'm in.”

“It was really fun,” says Hiddleston.

You'll have fun watching Kong: Skull Island, a rollercoaster ride full of giant monsters, and perhaps one very subtle message.

“We live on this beautiful planet and we have to be protective of that and to let it be,” says Hiddleston.

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters March 10, 2017.


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