Exclusive northwest interviews with The Magnificent Seven

Kim Holcomb's exclusive northwest interview with the cast of The Magnificent Seven.

SEATTLE - The new version of The Magnificent Seven is a shoot 'em up, drink it down, dusty tussle of a movie.

But it’s the all-star cast who make the film worthy of its title - an impressive group, lead by Denzel Washington and, as it turns out, his horse.

"He wouldn't let any other horses get near him,” Washington said. “Biting other horses, ‘Hey man, I'm horse number one here!’”

"Do you have any horse whispering advice, based on your experience?” asked reporter Kim Holcomb.

“I did everything - talked to him, fed him, bathed him, put him to bed,” Washington said. “You develop a relationship.”

From the livestock to the small western town, the production had an emphasis on authenticity. Set designers constructed actual buildings, the costumes were true to the period, and some of the actors stayed in character between takes.

"(We were) method in a non-pretentious way,” Chris Pratt said, laughing. “We'd be smoking a cigar, twirling our guns, but also at craft service. It's not like we were the kind of cowboys who demanded they dig a hole for us to go number two. We were like, ‘We'll use the comfort of our trailer, as well’."

Trailers, and the air conditioning within, proved to be life-saving.

"Some days, it was fun, most of the time it was about 110 degrees,” said Ethan Hawke. "We shot the movie over 5 months, so it was pretty tough. The truth is, I felt like it was Apocalypse West.”

Actor Vincent D’Onofrio agreed.

"At least 20 or 30 minutes after we'd get on set, to the rest of the day, we were soaking wet. Like, there was no changing into new clothes or anything,” he said.

"What did that set smell like? The old west, I guess?” Holcomb asked.

“None of us stunk,” he replied. “Or maybe all of us stunk and we didn't notice?"

The seven gun men band together to help a formidable woman, played by Haley Bennett, as she protects her town from violent thieves.

"I am kind of a tomboy in my own life so I really got to exercise that while I was playing Emma,” Bennett said.

Rounding out the cast is Peter Sarsgaard, who used Shakespeare to help shape his villainous performance.

"I had just finished doing Hamlet two weeks before we started,” he said. "The way I looked just came from that, and even the head space. Someone who thinks they're the smartest person in the room is certainly Hamlet."

His portrayal is a thoroughly hate-able bad guy, who deserves everything he gets.

The Magnificent Seven may not be a new story, but it's an entertaining remake. The 2016 version proves to be a classic western for modern audiences.

It's rated PG-13 and opens September 23.


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