Chicken Soup Brigade delivers health in the form of food

Chicken Soup Brigade delivers health in the form of food

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Lifelong's food and nutrition program

Chicken Soup Brigade

has been sustaining the sick for decades. And these aren't just groceries PCC's Chef Lynne Vea is putting in these bags with director Paul Getzel.

"Something we believe is food is medicine. We believe that proper nutrition can stabilize and even improve somebody's health." Getzel said.

Today Chicken Soup Brigade serves people who are chronically ill -- but old collection cans tell the story of the charity's origins:

"Our roots go back to 1983, we were serving with folks living HIV and aids, about ten years ago we expanded to serve folks with other chronic illnesses." Getzel said.

They deliver 40 thousand bags of food a year, 2 thousand meals a year, and rely on 150 volunteers a week. PCC donated the bulk goods going into the bags today, and Chicken Soup buys packaged goods from PCC wholesale, thanks to a grant. Because sick people need healthy food. Getzel explains: "A lot of stuff that's available through the food donation stream is high in sodium, there's maybe some trans fats, some artificial sweeteners. This is all the stuff we kinda try to stay away from? that's why our partnership with PCC is so important to us, because a lot of their foods is low in that and high nutrient value. So for somebody living with a chronic illness that can be really valuable."

Healthy food like this is a big help to folks like kidney patient Marvin Sprague, who knows where he would be without this service: "A nursing home. People have to eat no matter what. Even trying to go to the grocery store, that's out of my network. I can't afford it. Chicken Soup provides for that." Sprague said as he was receiving delivery of groceries from the organization.

"It's almost like a supermarket in a bag," he smiled.

PCC is partnering with 'Chicken Soup Brigade' for their food bank program, and they're looking for volunteers starting in April. Click here to learn how you can help.


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