10 Random acts of kindess

The hosts weigh in on this week's question, "what is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?"

SEATTLE - We asked users, "What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?" And the heart warming responses we received are bound to make you smile.

1. When I got pneumonia a coworker drove my son to school and organized meals on wheels so our family had dinner every day for a month. -Stephanie K. Frieze, Facebook

2. Christmas 1974. Mom was a single parent of 3. She was out of work and not receiving child support. She sat us down and said there was no money for Christmas. Then Christmas eve came along. There was a knock on the door. By the time we answered it, nobody was there. However, there was box with Christmas dinner and presents for each of us kids. That helped shape me. I do something to give back and pay it forward every year. -Teri Cunningham, Facebook

3. A complete stranger donated his bone marrow to save my then 6 year old's life. -Jenica D'Arienzo, Facebook

4. I once had an elderly woman give me her cardigan when her and her husband got up to leave as she had noticed I was shivering in a restaurant that had the A/C cranked. -Melissa Anne Kramer, Facebook

5. In Seaside Oregon my husband (Alan was in the Vietnam War 66 67) and I were at a restaurant just sat down to order dinner, a gentleman and his wife at the next table said to Alan "Thank you for your service" Alan shook his hand and said thank you. The couple left and it was time for our check so we can pay for our dinner. The waitress came over to tell us that the couple that was next to us paid $40 towards our bill because Alan is a Veteran of the Army, I cried like a baby!  -Tracy Davis, Facebook

6. Offered their GOOD husband to me if she died. Now that's a good friend! -Teressa Keenehan, Facebook

7. It may seem like a small thing, but at the time, I had very little money for food and knew there was more week than we had groceries/paycheck. I went to the day old bread store looking for bargains and the lady at the counter gave me this huge zucchini. I've never seen one so big....I started crying.....I was so thankful! We had zucchini for days, fixed many ways. I don't think she realized how important it was to us, but it was a huge kindness that I have never forgotten. Sometimes what seems like the littlest acts of kindness to you, may mean the most to someone else! -Tammy Repine-Elliot, Facebook

8. Loved me for me. -Marjory Thomas, Facebook

9. My mom had my favorite childhood doll (which I believed was long gone) restored and gave her to me again at Christmas when I was 28.
After a few years and 2 daughters playing with it, I realized that I had lost track of my doll again.
I felt awful about it.
Fast forward 20 years. After my mom had passed away, I was going through her cedar chest and there was my doll.
She gave me that doll 3 times, with each time was more special than the last. -Glori René, Facebook

10. Truly I have been blessed with so many kind people in my life that I couldn't just pick one thing sometimes I forget that thank you for reminding me. -Barbara Wilson Pulliam, Facebook

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