Surfing Puget Sound

Surfing Puget Sound

SEATTLE - Surfing isn't really supposed to exist here. But that hasn't stopped some Seattle surfers from figuring out how to hang ten in a most unusual way.

"A lot of people don't believe us," said instructor Rob Casey, the owner of Salmon Bay Paddle in Ballard.

Jim Dever believes. And, responding to a DareDever dare from Casey, he's suiting-up to join an exclusive group of Puget Sound surfers.

For ride-worthy swells on the inland sea, Mother Nature needs a little help from the shipping industry. Casey and his friends have figured out the best times and places to drop in and hitch a ride with their standup paddleboards on the wakes left behind by fast-moving freighters and tugboats.

"It's possible because there's enough boats going by," Casey explained. "And with enough patience and time you can always find out when the waves are breaking."

"You will catch a wave," he said.

The swells produced by distant freighters arrive in sets for up to an hour. Some claim they've ridden the man-made monsters all the way to the shore.

"The rides can be up to two minutes long," said Casey.

When Dever finally caught his ride, the journey was considerably shorter, proving that there's no such thing as an endless wave.

But for endless fun you might want to try surfing Puget Sound.

Salmon Bay Paddle website


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