Gaming Guru Review of the Logitech F540 Wireless Headset

Gaming Guru Review of the <i>Logitech F540 Wireless Headset</i>

Gaming Guru Review of the Logitech F540 Wireless Headset


by TRACY-MARK GORGAS / Special contributor to

Posted on May 20, 2011 at 9:24 AM

Updated Friday, May 20 at 9:42 AM

Hearing the action on wireless communication for various consoles can be hit or miss.  In most cases I go with what the console manufacturer makes for their system, as it usually works the best.  However there are times I can be surprised by something, like Logitech’s F540 Wireless Headset system.


There are a few different ways of setting up the F540 Wireless Headset with your console, all are pretty easy.

The first is to take the audio out feed from your system and plug it directly into the wireless base station of the F540 system.  The F540 comes with a double head audio plug so that you can then “daisy-chain” the audio to your TV, allowing you to either hear the game audio through the headset, your TV, or both.

The other way is to plug the wireless base station into the audio out on your TV (if your TV has it).  This allows you to use the headset for more than just one game system and you can listen to movies and TV shows too.

Because Sony and Microsoft have different ways of communicating, there are two different ways of connecting the microphone.   For the Microsoft Xbox 360, the F540 Wireless Headset system comes with a 2.5mm cable that plugs into the headset and the controller just like Microsoft’s own headset.  For the Sony Playstation 3, it has a USB cable that plugs into any open USB port on your Playstation 3.

If you have only one gaming system you have the option of plugging a stereo into the second set of audio ports on the wireless base station.  Additionally there is a 3.5mm port that you can plug in your own MP3 or CD player.

To recharge the headset batteries there is a USB cable that you can plug into either the port in the wireless base station or any other USB port you have available.

The Good

The audio quality is top notch.  I was hearing everything crisp and clear.  Little detail background noises I couldn’t hear from my TV speakers I heard clearly.  People I talked to online came across cleanly also.  Want more game audio and less of your friend singing his “Top 40 Favorites,” you can do that. The F540 Wireless Headset has separate volume controls for game and voice audio so you can fine tune the balance between the two.
The padding on the ear cups and headband are comfortable and the headband is adjustable.   The microphone can be bent to form and can be pivoted up and out of the way.  As an added bonus, when pivoted up it automatically mutes the microphone.  If you don’t want to move the microphone there is a mute button on the side of the headset.  The microphone also provides noise-cancellation, allowing you to hear the game without outside noises.

The Bad

F540 Wireless Headset is not completely wireless on the Microsoft 360; you still have to plug into the controller.   So you don’t have the freedom of setting down your controller, going to the fridge to get a soda and still being able to talk with your friends online.

At $149.99 the price tag can be a bit much for the average person, as both Sony and Microsoft make wireless headsets for less than half the price.

Final Thoughts

The F540 Wireless Headset system is an excellent headset for gaming.  The audio quality is perfect.  With it set up you can mute your TV so as not to disturb the rest of the house or your neighbors, especially good for your light night gaming sessions.

Though the price is steep, you are getting a great stereo headset. Comparably Sony and Microsoft’s wireless headsets are a single mono speaker and do not provide game audio with online voice chat.  Also if you have both systems you can set it up to work for both and not have to worry about hunting around for separate headsets

I can easily recommend the F540 Wireless Headset system, great audio, easily set up, and multiple inputs make it a great all purpose headset system.

For more information you can check out Logitech's F540 Wireless Headset site.

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