The climb out of homelessness and addiction



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Posted on October 20, 2011 at 3:52 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 24 at 1:55 PM

When you’ve hit rock bottom, some say there is nowhere to go but up. Over the past few months, we’ve chronicled one group of homeless men, for whom "up" is at 14,411 feet.

It all started last winter with this idea that if these men, all recovering from addictions, could climb Mount Rainier, they could do anything.

"If you can stay committed to this here and go through the training, yeah, there’s a lot giants in your life that you can conquer," said Marcus Jackson, when we first met him last winter.

Marcus, at the age of 58, would be one of the guys who made it to the top on the morning of August 13. It’s taken him a lifetime to get there.
"It’s a dream of mine," said Scott Sowle, one of the other climbers who attempted the climb, and has had to battle a serious illness.

Would Scott’s dream become a reality? Who would make it, and who would slip and fall back into their old ways?  KING 5’s John Sharify and Doug Burgess went along for this journey for almost a year to put together their documentary "The Climb of a Lifetime."


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