Marysville teen says she was bullied into violent fight



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Posted on March 28, 2011 at 5:24 PM

MARYSVILLE - Marysville Police plan to investigate the circumstances surrounding a violent fight between two teen girls that happened on Friday.

Video captured by a student, shows the two girls exchanging blows for several minutes until one girl is bloodied and forced to stop. 

That teen, Sierra Spencer, 13, says she agreed to fight because she was bullied into it.

"It's the peer pressure," Spencer said. "If I say I don't want to come, they look at me and think I'm scared or a little baby or something. So all that peer pressure makes me want to do it more."

Spencer was taken to the hospital to be checked out after the fight. She has been in four separate fights over the past year. She says each time she was pressured into it by taunting students.

Spencer's mother, Kenis Watson, said she sees other students taunting her daughter online and over the phone and says the school must do more to prevent this from happening.

Watson transferred her daughter to another middle school earlier in the year and says the taunting slowed, but the fighting didn't stop.

"I just think more accountability within the schools," Weston said. "Police should be able to step in more so there is more accountability." 

Marysville Superintendent Larry Nyland said the district intervened when the two girls began fighting earlier in the week, but Friday's incident happened off school grounds.

"We've worked with the students during the day so they have separate classrooms away from each other," Nyland said. "Its not a problem in school, and we're limited in how much we can control in what happens after school."