5/5/11: Recovering drug addicts trudge on toward Mount Rainier



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Posted on June 29, 2011 at 6:30 PM

Updated Saturday, Oct 22 at 8:09 PM

A few weeks ago we brought you the inspiring story of seven determined men training to climb Mount Rainier.

They’re also climbing out of homelessness and drug addiction thanks to Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. 

Marcus, Daniel, Jason, Frank, Rolls, Scott, and Ellis have taken the necessary steps to prepare for the August climb.

“Yes, sir,” says Daniel Eiffert. “I have the utmost confidence.”

Daniel’s drug of choice was meth and alcohol. He’s been clean and sober for nine months.

“Starting over at 42, that’s tough,” says Ellis Banks, a former meth addict. “And now I’m going to climb a mountain. Something I never thought about doing.”

For these men, climbing to the top of Mount Rainier will prove to themselves that if they can do that, they’ll be able to do anything. And for them, anything means staying clean and sober. It will be hardest thing they’ve ever done in their lives. And they know it.

I know many KING 5 viewers have been pulling for the guys. So am I. So imagine my disappointment when one of the men dropped out, and another seemed on the brink.  Watch our story and you’ll learn what happened. And look for more stories this summer as we approach the big day, August 10.