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Tiny fish has become mascot at Mill Creek market

Tiny fish has become mascot at Mill Creek market

Credit: Jeff Swanson / Mill Creek Central Market

by Susan Wyatt


Posted on June 29, 2011 at 10:29 AM

MILL CREEK, Wash. – Here’s a happy tale about a little fish that survived against all odds.

Central Market is a neighborhood grocery store with a working seafood market offering a wide selection from local suppliers. With nearly a dozen tanks holding live lobster, crabs, clams and oysters, it’s a big operation.

But if you look closely, you’ll see an unlikely sight – a tiny fish swims among the oysters.

The three-inch sculpin came in with a shipment of oysters and managed to survive being scooped into a nylon net bag with dozens of oysters, then loaded onto a truck, ferried across the Sound, and stowed in a refrigerator.

The store gets their oysters from Hood Canal or Port Angeles, said Seafood Lead Kevin Chergwyn, and then they are shipped to the store.

“We dumped the oysters into the tank unceremoniously and this little guy starts swimming around,” said Chergwyn.

That was 18 months ago, and now “Lucky” has made himself at home in the tank with hundreds of oysters.  He’s become a favorite of staff and customers alike.

“He’s a mascot, muse, inspiration, buddy,” said Chergwyn.

Lucky has become a bit of a tourist attraction.

“A lot of people come in to see him, bring their kids,“ said Chergwyn

For those of you concerned that Lucky is being held captive – the sculpin is used for bait, so he’s likely better off where he is.

“He’s a really happy little fish,” said Chergwyn.