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New Facebook page celebrates 'special needs' pets

New Facebook page celebrates 'special needs' pets

Griffin was rescued by Long Island Bulldog Rescue. He has never been able to walk, but loves life with his wheels.

by Susan Wyatt


Posted on June 26, 2012 at 3:44 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 6 at 9:38 PM

There's a new Facebook page that celebrates the underdog animals - the blind and the deaf, the "tripods" and those cats, dogs, bunnies and birds some would call unadoptable.

Cheryl Gustafson started the page "A newly created page for special needs animals" in February of this year. She says she's always been an advocate for the animals shelters would usually euthanize.

She says her first love is senior dogs and cats that are considered less adoptable, but then she started to consider the plight of the "special needs" animals and wanted to get the word out about them. 

She says something amazing happened.

"Special needs moms and dads started sharing their stories and photos with us," she says. "Then, others began to join in.  I watched as their stories and photos began inspiring people and giving them hope as well as letting them know they are not alone."   

Among the happy ending stories you'll see:

- A fluffy white pup named Milo who has been blind since birth. The puppy mill dog was going to be put to sleep due to his blindness, but was rescued him before that could happen.

- Annabelle was left on the side of a road in Silicon Valley, Calif. The pup can't walk, stand or sit upright on her own. After seeing her posting at a shelter, her adoptive family made the trek from Arizona overnight to rescue her.

- Spin the lamb - who uses a specially designed wheelchair for her back legs - visits children in hospitals.

Cheryl says she never expected the page to be such a success, but the success is from the folks who decided they wanted to reach out and share their stories. 

"These folks are 'human angels' and it's such a pleasure to read about their experiences.  A few tears have been shed along the way but they always end up being "happy" tears," she says.

If you have a special needs pet, share your photos and story with us. Click here to upload them directly