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Mugsy the cat spotted on wildlife camera

Mugsy the cat spotted on wildlife camera

Credit: Missing Pet Partnership

Mugsy is seen eating at a feeding station.



Posted on September 11, 2010 at 1:26 PM

Updated Sunday, Sep 12 at 6:23 PM

Pet detective Kat Albrecht says Mugsy the cat, missing near Snoqualmie Summit since Aug. 29, has been spotted on a wildlife camera.

Mugsy - a 17-year-old tortoiseshell - ran away when her owners, Ross and Etta Mayfield, were in an accident on I-90. Sadly, Ross Mayfield died on Aug. 31. Etta is recovering from her injuries.

A search for Mugsy has been ongoing.

Albrecht says cameras had been placed at six feeding stations. Each feeding station had a five-pound sack of dry food plus three cans of wet cat food.

Volunteers went to check the feeding stations and at one station all the food was missing, at another half was gone.

A check of the camera turned up some interesting shots.

"We found lots of raccoons and blue jays and one very wet tortie," said Albrecht.

Albrecht e-mailed the photo to Vicki Mayfield, Ross and Etta's daughter-in-law, who replied that it is "100 percent, without a doubt - Mugsy."

Albrecht believes the reason Mugsy didn't eat more at the feeding station is that she was frightened by the flash from the camera.

But the good news is that Mugsy is now hungry enough to come out from cover and get food.

Vicki told me Sunday that they took Misty, the Mayfield's other cat, to the site and used her as a "decoy" near the trap where Mugsy was seen.

But no luck.

Vicki said they will now attempt to get Mugsy acclimated to the traps.

Fingers still crossed that Mugsy will be home, safe, dry and warm soon.

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