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Indiana college allows pets in dorm

Indiana college allows pets in dorm

by Susan Wyatt


Posted on September 11, 2012 at 7:25 PM

Saint Mary's College in South Bend, Ind. is hoping to keep seniors on campus by allowing pets in dorms.

Officials at the four-year Catholic women's college say this fall, one of the residence halls is for seniors only, and, if they choose, their pets.

Saint Mary’s students are required to live in residence halls for three years and typically half choose to live off campus as seniors. But this year nearly 75 percent of fourth year students will live on campus.

So far eight seniors have registered with a pet, for a total of four dogs and four cats.

Janielle Tchakerian, assistant vice president of Student Affairs and director of Residence Life and Community Standards, says allowing pets is an extension of the residential experience at Saint Mary’s.

“Students will tell you that living here is like having a second home. Now seniors can bring their pet from their family home here to campus,” Tchakerian said.

The students must follow these rules:

  • Each resident is allowed one small animal less than 30 lbs. (No snakes.)
  • All pets must be registered with Residence Life prior to arrival.
  • Pets must have proof of vaccines, be spayed/neutered, housebroken, etc.
  • Animal waste must be disposed of outside.
  • No animal can remain on campus during breaks.
  • Pets must be in kennel, playpen, cage, etc. when resident is not in the room.