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Dog lost in Lake Union rescued by boater in Montlake Cut

Dog lost in Lake Union rescued by boater in Montlake Cut

Credit: Deanna Fulton

by SUSAN WYATT / The Pet Dish


Posted on August 6, 2013 at 3:33 PM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 6 at 4:32 PM

Here’s the happy ending story of the week. A 15-year-old dog that fell overboard from her owner’s boat in Lake Union on Monday was found by another boater and picked up.

On Monday afternoon, I saw a posting on the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue Facebook page that a dog had gone overboard on Lake Union.

On Tuesday afternoon we got an e-mail via KING 5 Newstips from Julia Merrick, who said she had rescued a dog from the Montlake Cut on Monday.

This had to be the same dog!

“We were out boating in the Montlake Cut and I saw a little white face struggling to swim through the waves,” Julia said.

“When we got her, her eyes were all bloodshot and it looked like she was about to let go,” she said. “We dried her off, she was a little cuddlebug.”

Julia and friends called the Seattle Animal Shelter to see if the dog was chipped, but nothing was found. Keesha was taken to the shelter to be cared for with the hope that her owner would be found.

When I spoke with Julia, she said she had not seen the posting on Craigslist about the lost dog. I read it to her:

Lost American Eskimo 15 year old female. 20lb and Deaf. Her name is Keesha. She responds well to sign language, a smile or a treat. She went overboard on Lake Union or in Portage Bay between the Sea Ray dealership and Montlake cut. We continue to scour the lake and neighborhoods. DEVASTATED!!

Incredibly, Keesha and her owner were reunited on Tuesday afternoon.

"I am delighted," said her owner, Deanna Fulton. "I have my baby back."

Deanna said she took Keesha with her on the boat because it was too hot to leave her at home.

"Ten minutes and boom," she said. Keesha was gone.

"You never think it's going to happen to you," she said.

Deanna is grateful to all the people who contacted her after they saw the listings on Facebook and Craigslist, wanting to help.

"It restores my faith in humanity," she said.

Keesha, back at home safe and sound, was having a long nap.

"She's getting a doggie life jacket, she's got a chip in," said Deanna.

"She beat the odds"