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Black lab lost seven weeks in wilderness found



Posted on July 5, 2011 at 5:57 PM

Her owner is calling it a miracle. Thirteen-year-old "Misty" has been found, nearly two months after she disappeared while on a hike near Snoqualmie. 

Cheryl Hanson of Snoqualmie was hiking on the old Winery Road on May 11 with friends and several other dogs when Misty vanished.

“She lagged behind because she likes to smell and we turned around and she was gone. It was that fast. We were right in front of her,” Cheryl said.

An extensive search turned up no sign of Misty, who is deaf.

But on Monday, a man who was out hiking eight miles from the place Misty disappeared spotted a dog under a tree. He had seen signs posted about Misty.

He carried her down the trail.

"She was so weak that I’m sure she didn’t resist him at all," Cheryl said.

Poor Misty lost half her body weight and she was dehydrated. Her condition is guarded but her eyes are good and her paws are good.

"We have to really watch her. She gets half a cup of food and chicken broth every two hours," Cheryl said.

She said she's grateful to the man who came to Misty's rescue and plans to get together with him to thank him.

"This was a guy who was on a trail he’d never been on, he just looked over and saw her and was kind enough to bring her down," Cheryl said. "He took the time to slow down and see something, and see her."