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Would you cuddle with a pet ash pillow?

by Susan Wyatt


Posted on June 11, 2009 at 2:26 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 23 at 9:15 AM

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for pet-pillow.jpgMany people choose cremation when their beloved pet dies and then keep the ashes in some sort of urn. I used to think that was really creepy until my 18-year-old cat Murphy died a few years ago (named after the TV character "Murphy Brown." so you know she was around a long time).

I was traumatized by the experience of having her put down, and I couldn't stand the thought of her being "dumped" or "thrown out," so I did have her cremated and have the ashes in a nice pottery urn that I got from a California potter Venice Clay
Now a woman in Florida has come up with a twist on the urn idea - a pillow. Simply put the bag of ashes inside a "Keep Pouch," which then goes inside the pillow.
According to the Web site, the 14-inch-square "Soft-Hearted Pillow" "has been designed to fit discreetly into any environment, whether it is a bedroom, living room or even office or car."
I just imagine visiting a friend's home and noticing the nice pillow, and said friend says "Oh, that's Bitsy in there."
Sorry, that's a bit far out for me. I'll just keep Murphy on the shelf, thank you.