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Puget Sound Depth Chargers Host 7th Annual Photo Competition

Puget Sound Depth Chargers Host 7th Annual Photo Competition

This underwater photo won "BEST OF SHOW" at the Puget Sound Depth Chargers 7th Annual photo competition.

by Guest blogger, Jennifer Collins

Posted on August 25, 2010 at 5:36 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 6 at 7:01 AM

Highline Community College’s Marine Science & Technology Center (MaST) at Redondo was adorned with some of the finest photographs ever displayed by Northwest divers as the Puget Sound Depth Chargers dive club hosted its 7th Annual Photo Competition on Saturday, August 21st. 

This year, the Puget Sound Depth Chargers were privileged to have 134 entries submitted by twenty-six very talented photographers.
The array of photographs demonstrated not only the skills and talent of the photographers, but they also documented their experiences as scuba divers in such a way that could be shared with the general public.  Over three hundred people visited the gallery at the MaST.  Countless comments were overheard, and folks were definitely awed by the many exotic creatures, faraway places, and interesting people that divers encounter each time we do what we love most.  
Each visitor to the exhibit was given a ballot to choose his/her favorite in each of the twelve categories.  Popular vote decided 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category as well as a People’s Choice award.   Jeff Renner, King 5 news, John Rawlings, contributor to Advanced Diver Magazine, Jack Connick, owner of Optical Ocean Sales, and Frank Poole, renowned local photographer, rounded out the panel of judges.  They were tasked with the tough job of selecting the 2010 “Best of Show” winner as well as the “Judges’ Choice” award.
Twenty different photographers took home an award commending their outstanding photographic achievement at this year’s contest.  They are:

Best of Show:  “Graceful Reach” by Kari Nelson
Judges’ Choice:  “Octo Flower” by Kim Coleman
People’s Choice:  “Zihautanejo Stallion” by Stacy Garrett

Cold Water Wide Angle  

  • 1st   “And the Heavens Beckoned” by Jennifer Collins
  • 2nd  “Under the Dock” by Debi Klason
  • 3rd  “Tranquility” by Jennifer Collins

Cold Water Macro  

  • 1st  “Jeepers Creepers” by Keith Gamble
  • 2nd  “Who’s Crabby” by Kari Nelson
  • 3rd  “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Jennifer Collins

Cold Water Marine Life  

  • 1st  “Blowing in the Wind” by Walt Amidon
  • 2nd  “Hi, What’s Your Name” by Walt Amidon
  • 3rd  “Graceful Reach” by Kari Nelson

Cold Water Nudibranch 

  • 1st  “Vantage Point” by Stacy Garrett
  • 2nd  “Moondance” by Kari Nelson
  • 3rd  “Bonita Blanca” by Jennifer Collins

Warm Water Wide Angle  

  • 1st  “I Think We Need a Bigger Boat” by Jennifer Collins
  • 2nd  “Pier Pressure” by Elizabeth Servedio
  • 3rd  “In Flight” by Dan Hershman

Warm Water Macro 

  • 1st  “Fire in the Sky” by Kim Coleman
  • 2nd  “Zihuatanejo Stallion” by Stacy Garrett
  • 3rd  “Clown in Purple” by Chris Collins

Warm Water Marine Life  

  • 1st  “Octo Flower” by Kim Coleman
  • 2nd  “Pretty in Pink” by Rush Ziegenfelder
  • 3rd  “Kua Bay Turtle” by Kim Back

Warm Water Nudibranch  

  • 1st  “Resting Place” by Sonya Baker
  • 2nd  “Follow Me” by Rick Reimann
  • 3rd  “Fiji Chromodoris” by Rick Back


  • 1st  “Dive! Dive! Dive!” by Walt Amidon
  • 2nd  “Serenity” by Rush Ziegenfelder
  • 3rd  “Going in For the Shot” by Jennifer Collins

Diving Lifestyle  

  • 1st  “Fijian Dream” by Rick Back
  • 2nd  “Fairley’s Fins” by Sonya Baker
  • 3rd  “Score!” by Jennifer Collins

Digital Era  

  • 1st  “Hippy Fish” by Elizabeth Servedio
  • 2nd  “Clingon’s Hitchin’ a Ride” by Mike Phillips
  • 3rd  “Painting Accident” by Kari Nelson


  • 1st  “Sitting Pretty” by Karen Gamble
  • 2nd  “Home is Where the Pipe Is” by Dan Balsley
  • 3rd  “Trust Me” by Greg Terrio

Honorable Mentions (Chosen by our panel of judges)

  • “Lights on the Water” by Mike Phillips
  • “Hickey Anyone?” by Mike Phillips
  • “Fan Coral” by Sonya Baker
  • “View from the Surface” by Debi Klason
  • “A Little Corner of the World” by Erik Hannon
  • “Sea Angel” by Kim Coleman