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My First Week on the KING 5 Team

by Julie Pinson, KING 5 Community Relations Intern

Posted on September 26, 2010 at 10:01 AM

Updated Sunday, Sep 26 at 10:04 AM

First off allow me to introduce myself. My name is Julie Pinson; I am a senior at UW (GO DAWGS!) and I have just completed my first week at KING 5 as the first ever Community Relations intern.  I am still in shock that I was lucky enough to be selected by Betsy to help during her busiest time of the year. It all began on Thursday 23rd my first day.

I arrived about 15 minutes early in fear that I would be late and excited to start. I go upstairs to my floor and find out that I get my very own desk, which is quite large if I do say so myself, and my own phone with personal extension. I know to some of you this may seem like nothing but I was ecstatic, I instantly felt like I part of the team. Betsy comes in and tells me that I am going to help her with 3 federal candidates for the 2010 It’s Your time program.   Later in the day I was in charge of getting some information for the Heart Walk that is occurring on October 2nd. I was told who to call and what information to ask about. I was so nervous for some reason that I accidently told the women on the line that I was calling about the completely wrong event. I froze and couldn’t believe that I had just messed up my first official call as a member of KING 5. I collected myself quickly and laugh at my mistake and then moved on. The call ended and shortly after I had completed my first day.

Friday 24th arrived and so did I for my second day, this time only 10 minutes early. Today I was told that I got the pleasure of getting to know some other KING 5 employees. I was to go about the building taking photos of people who are going to participate in KING’s Ping Pong tournament (an internal fundraiser for the United Way). I then had to create a profile of each player with a little bio about them. I had a great time getting to know other co-workers and the day had come to an end.

Saturday 25th I was given the opportunity to go to the 24th annual Seattle AIDS walk and the grand opening of the new South Lake Union Park. The AIDS walk showed me how thousands of people who may not even know one another can all come together to support a cause they all share a great passion for. The South Lake Union Park was beautiful, with a farmers market and not a cloud in the blue sky.

I look forward to the next astounding experiences and an internship that will give me remarkable memories.