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Intiman Theatre Festival: Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Intiman Theatre Festival: Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Credit: Andrew Russel

by Andrew Russell, Artistic Director

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 12:07 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 11 at 9:45 PM

Intiman turns 40 this summer and we’re celebrating by launching our new summer theatre festival devoted to the artists you’ve grown to love. We’re proud to welcome you aboard our maiden voyage, and thank you for your patience as we prepare for this journey.

Skipping from Shakespeare, Ibsen, Shanley to Savage, we’ve programmed work that warns: don’t get too comfortable. We believe we have gathered masterful artists who will thrillingly bring these works to life. See a who's who of this summer's repertory company.

These four intrepid shows will be performed in repertory from July 11 to August 26.  

Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, directed by Allison Narver
For the first time, Intiman will produce the universal, red-hot, romantic epic of two lovers caught in the crossfire of their feuding families.

Hedda Gabler, by Henrick Ibsen, directed by Andrew Russell
This emotional thriller zeros in on the magnificent Hedda Gabler as she fights to keep her world from tearing apart.

Dan Savage's Miracle!
You know writer and activist Dan Savage from "The Stranger" and the It Gets Better Project, but Dan’s first love was theatre. This summer Dan returns from his theatrical hiatus to create a drag extravaganza that asks what would happen if Helen Keller and the Seattle drag scene of the early 1990’s smashed into each other.

Dirty Story by John Patrick Shanley, directed by Valerie Curtis-Newton
Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winning playwright and screenwriter John Patrick Shanley (playwright of Doubt and screenwriter of Moonstruck) has created what seems to be another crazy, co-dependent couple prone to battles and reconciliation. Dirty Story will be Intiman’s first play in our intimate studio space, so tickets are limited.

So, come inside, and trail these actors from cramped Verona to the heart of Oslo, from Central Park to Seattle’s drag clubs, and witness the fruits of our creative labor.

We’ve done the work, and now all we need is you.

Purchase your tickets for this exciting adventure.

Watch the Sneak Peek trailer here.

To learn more about the festival, check out Laura Dannen’s article in Seattle Met.

The entire 2012 festival has been made possible by over 1,000 supporters, and to you we say over and over again: thank you! Seattle's artistic community appears to me to be not only thriving but on the cusp of truly engaging the greater public in a way that feels more healthy and productive than I have ever witnessed before! We are ever grateful to all of the great individuals and organizations who inspire us and have carried us into this new era.