The Compassion Games are coming to Seattle!

The Compassion Games are coming to Seattle!

The Compassion Games are coming to Seattle!


by Betsy Robertson

Posted on August 21, 2013 at 12:59 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 22 at 1:04 PM


Look out Seattle, our community is about to become safer, kinder, more just, and a better places to live.  That’s what we win as a result of our participation, let’s hope we win big!


This is the second year of a friendly rivalry that began between Seattle, WA and Louisville, KY.  In 2013, twelve more cities from across our country and around the globe will join in.  You can see the full list of participating communities below.


But first, take a moment to absorb the four “Principles of Compassion” as laid out by the masterminds of the Compassion Games: 

  1. To cultivate a disposition of loving-kindness and respect in ourselves.
  2. To exhibit that in how we approach each human we interact with.
  3. To commit to the service of others -- in our neighborhood, in our country, even across the world
  4. To adopt an open-mindedness -- and generative, generous spirit - that leads to creativity in solving the world’s challenges.


Simple, yet potentially massively transformative steps that each of us could take as we make our way in the world.  

There are lots of ways you can put these principles into action and participate in the games.   

  • Start tracking “random acts of kindness” you either perform or witness on an interactive, online map.
  • Sign up to be a “secret agents of compassion” and head out into the community with a mission.
  • Plan a community service project during the games.
  • And participate in one of the many planned events. 

Details about all of these ideas and more are available at

Join KING 5 and help make Seattle the winner of the Compassion Games!

Participating communities:

  1. Seattle, WA
  2. Louisville, KY
  3. New York, NY
  4. Los Angeles, CA
  5. San Francisco, CA
  6. Orange County, CA
  7. Atlanta, GA
  8. Gurgaon, India
  9. Milwaukee, WI
  10. Cincinnati, OH
  11. Nashville, TN
  12. Houston, TX
  13. Phoenix, AZ
  14. LGBTQ Compassion Games