The rough winter is bringing a bunch of good news to area rivers, streams, brooks, and everything that flourishes in and around them. That’s right, the snowpack has been quite impressive in the Cascades, and we get a glimpse of the latest snowpack levels compared to normal.

All of our mountains are well above normal. Snowpack in the North Cascades sits at 110% while the Central & South Cascades along with the Olympic Mountains sit at roughly 120% above normal.

That snow will help fill up all of our reservoirs through the warm, dry summer months.

The State of Washington Department of Ecology gives us some perspective compared to previous years.

•    In 2016 at this time, we were at 90 percent of normal
•    In 2015 (a record-setting drought year) at this time, we were at 23 percent of normal

If you plan on doing any camping or hiking around rivers & streams over the next few months, chances are you’re going to see plenty of water flowing down its path. Most of these rivers are above normal which is helpful to fish, like the upcoming salmon run, and also agriculture. Farmers on the east side of the mountains depend on the reservoirs along the Yakima basin. Since these will be flourishing, we can only imagine the agriculture will also.

-Meteorologist Jordan Steele