Our ridiculously warm winter rolls on. Whether you love it or despise it, the past few months have been pretty gentle to us. Great weather for driving through the passes, bad for skiing on them.

Seattle broke the record for warmest February with an average temperature of 48.8°F beating the old record (barely) by 0.1°.

Portland's average temperature for February was 49.2°F, 0.4° warmer than second place. On the other side of the states, Portland's sister city, Portland, Maine, just experienced their COLDEST February on record with an average temp of 13.8°F.

Boise broke the record for its warmest February, and it wasn't even close! It beat out the old record by 1.7° which, by monthly standards, is pretty extreme.

The main culprit behind this wild warmth is a persistent ridge of warm air that has basically stuck around all season long. It's the reason why we have all the warmth and the east coast has all the cold.

The most remarkable fact: February marks the 12th month in a row Seattle and Portland have seen above average temperatures for the month. You have to go all the way back to February of 2014 to find a month cooler than average -- a year's worth of abnormal.

Spring undoubtedly brings even warmer temperatures and I have a feeling Mother Nature will continue to stay a month or two ahead of schedule.​