SEATAC, Wash. – When you fly in or out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, there are a ton of treasures you might not notice.

More than 50 works are peppered throughout the airport. The art collection was named one of the “Nine American Airports for Art Lovers” by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Sea-Tac’s art director, Colleen McPolland, said the art is supposed to be a calming influence in what can be a hectic travel season.

“That’s what we want it to do. One of the purposes is to distract,” she said.

The works of art can take travelers, like a woman named Kadee, to a different place altogether.

“All airports kind of start getting the same vibe,” she said. “When you notice that it’s different, it kind of makes it feel like you’re in the moment.”

Most people are so focused on where they are going and where they want to get to that they don’t enjoy the scenery around them.

The airport spends 0.5 percent out of the capital funds for new art.