This month the Washington State Department of Transportation is overseeing high speed train testing in the South Sound as it prepares to open a new route that's expected to get people between Portland and Seattle faster.

Currently Amtrak trains travel from Tacoma to Olympia by rounding Point Defiance and running right next to the water. This project will move trains inland to a shorter, faster route

They will follow the path of Sounder trains to Lakewood and will continue down to DuPoint before heading on to Olympia.

Right now the trains are being tested at 40 miles per hour, but eventually they will work their up to 79 miles per hour.

It's a first for the 20-mile stretch the runs parallel to I-5 that's only seen slow moving freight trains. Those who travel through the area are learning about the new route for the first time.

WSDOT hopes people pay attention to the new high speed testing in the area.