This weekend’s Revive I-5 work has been postponed due to weather. WSDOT has not announced when the work will be rescheduled.


Buckle up Seahawk fans; there could be a bumpy ride on Sunday.

WSDOT will close two northbound lanes of I-5 at the Duwamish Bridge late Friday. The closure will be in effect through Monday morning. It’s part of a large effort to “Revive I-5” and the expansion joints. WSDOT says four expansion joints on the northbound path will be fixed during the weekend work, but it comes at an inconvenient time. The Eagles and the Doobie Brothers play at Safeco Field on Saturday, and the Seahawks play the Colts on Sunday Night Football.

Tom Pearce with WSDOT says the Hawks were part of the discussions, and while the timing isn’t ideal, the work needs to be done before the change in season.

“Expansion joints wear out over a certain amount of time. You want to fix them before they break, because if they break at 6:30 a.m., that can be a real problem,” he said.

WSDOT suggests northbound drivers use 518 to get over to 509 and 99, or take Highway 599 to avoid the expected backups.

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