The City of Seattle is preparing to change parking rates in many neighborhoods and extend paid parking hours in some.

Some drivers will pay less, some will pay more, and in the most congested parts of Capitol Hill, they will soon pay for parking until 10 p.m.

The adjustments, which take effect this fall, are based in part on a spring survey of parking habits and are meant to help the city respond to changes in the supply of limited curb space. As Seattle grows, drivers are increasingly circling the block, searching for a place to park.

“Our goal is that each business district has one to two open spaces per block throughout the entire paid day,” the Seattle Department of Transportation wrote on its blog.

In areas that are quite full, SDOT says it generally raises the rate by $0.50 an hour. Areas with low occupancy could have rates decrease by $0.50 an hour.

Here are some of the parking rate changes:

- Ballard Core: decrease a.m., increase p.m.
- Ballard Edge: decrease a.m., extend hours to 8 p.m.
- Capitol Hill North, Capitol Hill South, and Pike-Pine area: extend hours to 10 p.m.
- Fremont: decrease a.m.
- Green Lake: increase p.m.
- U District Core: decrease a.m.
- Uptown: decrease a.m.

SDOT says next year it plans to review additional neighborhoods for the possibility of extending evening paid parking hours. Those include 12th Avenue, Ballard Core, Chinatown/ID Core, First Hill, and Green Lake.

Municipal code allows Seattle to charge a minimum of $0.50 per hour and a maximum of $5 per hour for public parking spots. Annual adjustments must fall within that range.

More info on rate changes by neighborhood here.