Edmonds is moving forward with final design work on a ramp connecting the city to the waterfront, providing a solution to the long-standing problem of trains blocking access.

It's been a safety issue over the years with several instances of emergency vehicles being unable to access the waterfront because trains were stopped on the tracks.

The ramp, connecting city streets on the bluff above the tracks to the waterfront below would be used for emergency vehicles and foot traffic only.

"It's been a long process, but it's something that needs to get done," Edmonds Public Works and Utilities Director Phil Williams said. "All of the activities on the waterfront generate demand for emergency services and, when we can't get across the tracks, the possibility of a real tragedy exists."

BNSF now runs around 35-to-40 trains per day on the tracks through Edmonds. That company hints that train traffic could double by 2020.

The cost for the new study is around $1 million according to Williams. That funding comes from the state, city, and Port of Edmonds.

There is no timeline yet for construction.