Students from Tacoma's Lincoln High School wrapped up their four-day trip to Hong Kong with a ferry ride and traditional dim sum lunch.

The 11-day trip now takes them to Fuzhou, a sister city of Tacoma. Then the 97 students and their chaperones will visit Chengdu and Beijing.

The trip is being paid for by the Chinese government after Chinese President Xi Jinping invited the students to visit him while he visited their Tacoma campus in September of 2015.

In a letter written to the president before the trip, Lincoln High School Student Body President Abranna Romero-Rocha thanked Xi for the trip.

"I cannot tell you how excited we are for our upcoming trip," wrote Romero-Rocha.

She also mentioned she hoped the trip would include another encounter with Xi.

"When we are in Beijing we would love to be able to report to you on your experiences," wrote Romero-Rocha.