Two local high school teen entrepreneurs helped their peers learn what it takes to pitch their startup ideas Sunday.

The teens got a crash course at ATLAS Workbase, a shared workspace in Seattle. The three-hour session was part of the youth track for Seattle Startup Week.

The co-organizers, Angela Lin and Allison Bunker, are both 17 and are entrepreneurs themselves.

“Getting past that hurdle of getting adults to actually take you seriously as an entrepreneur that skill is something students want to learn,” said Lin, a Seattle Prep senior.

Bunker added the process is intimidating for youth.

“That is part of why we want to have these events for youth,” she said. “We want to make it a little bit less intimidating, to dip your toe in the pond.”

The main tips for teaching the pitch included first identifying the problem and then providing a compelling story to tell potential investors how your idea can help.

The two organized a panel of local entrepreneurs who’ll give youth advice Wednesday at 6 p.m. at ATLAS Workbase in Seattle.