While we settle in at our new home, there are high tech upgrades perfect for your home. 

Those with pets at home may want to stay connected to their furry friends using the PetPal WiFi Automatic Feeder ($300). This connected feeder and remote camera will allow you to check in on and feed your pet remotely.  A built-in night vision camera and sensor will stream images to your Android or iOS mobile device and let you talk to your pet while away. 

MOHU Leaf is a 30-mile, $70 paper-thin antenna that received HDTV signals so you can watch your favorite local programs without a cable or satellite subscription. Match your decor by painting the Leaf to blend in, or stick it behind your television out of sight.  Check antennaweb.org for coverage areas and help selecting an antenna appropriate for your home.

Perfect for sheds and gates, Dog & Bone's Locksmart Mini bluetooth padlock lets you grant access to anyone with a smartphone, regardless of where you are. No more losing keys, forgetting combinations or running home to give someone access to your garden tools! The Locksmart mini, and it's larger sister padlock, tracks usage so you always know when the lock has been opened. At $70, it costs a bit more than a traditional padlock, but for those who misplace keys, the upgrade will be appreciated.

Nomiku has taken a cooking secret, the sous vide, and added remote connectivity. Control the Nomiku remotely with an app called "Tender" for perfectly cooked meat anytime. Sous vide cooking uses a bath of water at a perfectly controlled temperature to cook a sealed food such as poultry, meat or fish. The app includes recipes from well-known chefs to help you with ideas and inspiration for your next home-cooked meal.

One of the first, and best, home tech upgrades is the Nest Learning Thermostat. The third generation, available at Home Depot, optimizes heating and cooling schedules to save money on your energy bill. Your public utility might qualify you for a rebate from your energy company.

Ever drive away from home only to turn around five minutes later to double-check the garage door closed properly? Chamberlain has a solution. The MyQ Universal Smart Garage Door Controller alerts you when a door opens and closes. The connected app allows you to monitor and control a garage door from your phone. The home upgrade costs $129, but the peace of mind knowing your garage door is worth it. Installation is super simple and the controller works with nearly all garage door openers. 

A sort of "canary in a coal mine" for your home, the Canary complete security system is an all-in-one solution to monitoring and protecting your home. Your smartphone will receive a notification when anything out of the ordinary is detected. Get the Canary online or at Home Depot for $199.

Many of these home tech gadgets are designed to work together on one of a few different systems such as HomeKit or Wink. Be sure to check compatibility before you buy to ensure your home automation products work together.

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