They come to Seattle Startup Week to learn.

“I came here to learn how other CEOs did it,” said new entrepreneur Dennis Yudich.

They're looking to overcome fear.

"What I find with a lot of people is they have the idea. The fear of rejection, the fear of failure is what is stopping them," said Rashida Gaye.

They attend with dreams of success, on a quest for help.

"If you're thinking about leaving your day job and doing a startup,” event organizer Dave Parker said, “this is a way for you to find all the resources that are available in the city in a very compressed time frame.”

The week features approximately 150 events in 38 different venues around the region. Participants will find speakers on a variety of topics such as avoiding failure, valuing an idea or new technologies.

The schedule is as diverse as founders' dreams.

Yudich is building a social network but keeps details of his tech startup secret.

“It connects people in a much more efficient way than any social media can,” he teased.

Rashida Gaye has an established service helping women pursue their dreams.

"I do hypnotherapy and life and business coaching," she told KING 5.

Regardless of their passion, event organizers are confident those thinking of taking the startup leap will find what they're looking for.

"The inspiration and the motivation and the knowledge they need to actually launch a company is the thing they would be able to make work here," Parker explained.

The young tech CEO echoes this "make it work" sentiment.

“If you see someone you want to talk about if you heard them speaking on stage ...just go up, break out of that comfort zone, go and question them,” Yudich said.

Not sure where to begin? Gaye has some advice for would-be entrepreneurs.

"You start with what you love, so you have to really ask yourself the questions: What do I love what am I good at and what would I want to spend the next 20-30 years of my life actually doing."

The annual startup week is just one of many local events connecting those looking to create a company with those who have been there, done that.

Learn more about Seattle Startup Week online at The local edition runs through November 18th.

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