RENTON, Wash. - It can be an uncomfortable feelingeven forcasual recyclers - you pull your new product out of a mold of styrofoam packaging and end up with no option but to toss all that packaging in the trash.

But for the last years there has been a small, local operation willing to take your styrofoam leftovers and satisfy your inner recycler at the same time, for free.

V&G Styro Recycle allows people to drop off their unwanted styrofoam, then they crush it and heat it up into a 40-pound ingot of recyclable material. It's free to you because V&G sells the ingot to companies that turn it into picture frames or cabinets for new TV's or computers.

The company operates out of a warehouse on IKEA's sprawling Renton campus and since going into business one year ago this month, the company says it has kept 120,000 pounds of styrofoam out of landfills and wants to triple that this year.

The company's Web site will give more on its location and operating hours: