SEATTLE -- A Washington state legislator and leader of a nuclear watch dog group wants residents to demand answers to radioactive contamination at Seattle's Magnuson Park.

Rep. Gerald Pollet said the Navy didn't report finding cancer causing strontium and cesium inside and outside Building 2, a maintenance hangar, at the former Sand Point Naval Station.

The Navy responded, saying Monday it has gone through the building records and can find no reason for those two radioactive substances to be there, but it is in the process of cleaning it up. It also cleaning up nuclear radium contamination outside a nearby building. The Navy said that contamination came from radium paint, which was historically used to make glow in the dark instruments for airplanes at the base.

The Navy, park groups and Pollet will hold an informational public meeting about the radiation at a meeting Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. at The Mountaineers building at Magnuson.