We didn't even need to walk 20 feet from the road before we ran into our first piece of garbage.

The team dismantled and packed up as much of the rusty car as possible, including the bumper, hood and other pieces of steel and metal scattered around the trail.

The team of hikers had a goal: scoop up and clean up as much trash as possible along the Black Diamond Open Space trail near Covington.

They're all part of a popular Facebook group for Washington State's hiking and climbing enthusiasts.

They noticed a trend of complaints -- people noticing a lot more trash along the trails, beaches, and nature areas.

"That brought people to this place, hey, instead of complaining, what if we do something about it," said Marlena Newcomb. "One of our members developed a website to log the trash we pick up. Let's set a goal of 1,000 pounds of trash by the end of the month."

Those 1,000 pounds of trash are piling up quickly.

The group created an interactive map where hikers and others can log their clean-up efforts.

Five pounds of trash here and 10 pounds there look startling when you group the pictures together.

After a couple of hours picking up broken glass, crushed beer cans, and other junk from the Black Diamond trail, the team led by Newcomb estimated they connected 100 to 200 pounds of garbage.