Editor's note: The video in the player above aired with a previous version of this story on August 16, 2017.

A group that works to secure and preserve land raised $275,000 to save a popular hiking trail from logging.

Over 600 hikers and climbers donated funds to Forterra by October 30 to preserve the Lake Serene trail, according to the group.

“Thanks to you, the trees along the trail will be protected from logging and public access to the trail will never again be restricted. Hurray!” Forterra wrote on their website.

Land near the trailhead is federal land, but about a quarter mile up the trail, Weyerhaeuser owns a portion of property.

The group began raising money in August when it learned of plans to log those lands.

The trail, which is located off Highway 2 near Index, sees about 45,000 hikers each year.