Boeing plans to move a sizeable work group out of the Puget Sound region, which could result in hundreds of jobs moving to Mesa, Arizona.

The company confirmed it is moving its Shared Services Group (SSG), which employs around 3,000 people in the Puget Sound region. The group provides various services to Boeing's corporate and production units.

"These moves will help ensure we are properly structured and positioned to provide the right services in the most effective and efficient way to help Boeing grow our business. The moves include efficiencies gained from automation, adjusting our management structure and we will be consolidating and relocating some work that supports enterprise-wide services over the next few years to Mesa, Ariz., and other Boeing sites.

Boeing said it is in the process of discussing the move with their employees and getting their feedback.

"As we are at the beginning of the process which will take 2 – 3 years, we don’t have numbers of who will be impacted and how," said Boeing in a released statement.

The move is part of Boeing's drive to cut costs, which is largely responsible for the loss of more than 18,300 Boeing jobs in the state since the most recent employment peak in fall 2012.

Boeing aims to complete the reorganization by 2020.

Group president Beverly Wyse says it's too early to know how many jobs will be moved.