When you think of Boeing, you typically think of airliners, military aircraft, and helicopters. Yet a growing part of the company’s business is providing services that go beyond services such as airplane maintenance.

Boeing estimates the market to help airlines and militaries could be worth $3.4 trillion worldwide over the next decade, according to its Services Market Outlook released at the Paris Air Show Tuesday. The largest markets would be Asia, North America, and Europe.

The company also outlined its Boeing Global Services business this week. To be headquartered with a small staff in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Boeing unit would have employees all over the world, including Seattle.

Global Services would help both commercial and government customers. For example, it could help airlines in recruiting and training pilots and technicians, even with their uniforms.

Boeing says it can help both civilian and military clients improve operations, reduce costs and provide parts and engineering support to maintain fleets of aircraft and other hardware.