With the lights dimmed and music bumping, a sold-out crowd at Key Arena roared on Saturday evening as tennis legend Roger Federer emerged from the smoke and onto the court for the first time ever in Seattle. The raucous cheers continued as his most unlikely of playing partners — Bill Gates — trotted in just afterward, introduced on the loudspeaker as “the Emerald City phenom known for his world wide web of skill.” The Microsoft co-founder wore a huge smile as he saluted his hometown fans with one hand raised and for a moment nearly burned himself as he passed by a flamethrower.

Yes, this was going to be one helluva night.

And indeed it was, with the greatest tennis player of all time teaming up with the Microsoft co-founder to host a charity event in front of 16,000 people that raised more than $2 million for the Roger Federer Foundation.

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