BMW’s ReachNow just expanded the test of its new ride-hailing service, aptly named Ride, opening it to all of its Seattle members, so as a curious, intrepid reporter looking for an excuse to get the company to pay for my ride to work, I decided to try it out.

Less than an hour after the announcement I dove in. The service works through a new app, ReachNow+. Technically still in beta, the new app isn’t yet available in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, but the company has instructions for downloading and installing ReachNow+ on this page.

Once I opened the app I had the option of selecting ReachNow’s traditional service — reserving a car to drive myself — or going into the Ride app. The experience was a little choppy, and I had to start over a couple of times, but that’s not a cause for alarm given that it just entered beta testing.

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