Amazon’s newly-discovered desire to begin offering pre-packaged ingredients for home-cooked meals is already a real thing as a selection of Amazon Meal Kits are available on the company’s website. And one user reached out to GeekWire Monday to share his experience with the service.

It’s the latest move by the Seattle-based tech giant to reimagine how its customers get food items, coming on the heels of Amazon’s bid to acquire the grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Reports of the service sent shares of Blue Apron, the leading meal-kit delivery company that just went public, down more than 11 percent.

Josh Chadd said that the Meal Kits starting showing up in his AmazonFresh search results about a week or two ago; user reviews indicate that the service has been available since late June. The 34-year-old systems engineer in Seattle has been a user of other services such as HelloFresh and Sun Basket, as well as Blue Apron and Home Chef.

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