SEATTLE - Expedia's CEO says he's working on avoiding Seattle traffic, and against a Presidential candidate.

Dara Khosrowshahi told the Geekwire Summit that plans are still at full speed for the company's planned move from Bellevue to a Seattle waterfront campus, with some changes.

"We came up with a design that can use that space more effectively," Khosrowshahi told KING 5 after the Summit. "We're going to look at using more shuttle service, bus service, etc., to help our employees" and "keep cars off the road."

In fact, Khosrowshahi said the company has opened up an office in Seattle at the old Amgen site to study traffic flows and learn how employees can get to and from the office.

The Summit brings together leaders in tech, and business for two days of seminars and speeches. Khosrowshahi was part of the Tuesday program, and also involved politics in a wide ranging discussion on stage.

"If one candidate wins, and you can guess whom, it'll be negative for the world and negative for travel," he said, adding "Trump just has it dead wrong, that this is a world of us versus them."

In a separate interview, he told KING 5 he was backing Hillary Clinton out of a "personal belief,” but "the more open borders are the better for travel. In general, visa requirements is certainly a force for good."