A Redmond-based app designed to be a one-stop shop for parents to communicate with their child's teachers and other organizations is booming. The Bloomz app gives parents instant updates about all the developments in their child’s life.

“We had access to the research that clearly indicated that parent engagement is in fact a number one factor for how kids end up doing well,” Bloomz founder Chaks Appalabattula said.

Appalabattula came up with the concept in late 2012 when he fell ill. The father of two was struggling to keep in contact with his kids’ teachers. He developed an app for computers and phones which allows parents to receive immediate communication from their child’s school, sports team, or organization.

“We started initially with 20 teachers, and now we have tens of thousands of teachers not only in the U.S., but in many countries around the world,” Appalabattula said.

More than 50 countries, in fact.

The Bloomz app notifies parents immediately, via text message, about their student’s progress in school and it also tells them about products or volunteers that are needed in the classroom. Parents can also see pictures and video of their kids' work.

The app also translates communication to more than 85 different languages in case the parents do not speak English.

“One pain point that became pretty clear was the ability to communicate with parents of diverse languages particularly if they are immigrants who don’t know English as their primary language,” Appalabattula said.

The app brings together two people who don't speak the same language.

“So essentially without knowing each other’s actual languagesm they are still communicating," Appalabattula said.

Jude Miqueli is a teacher at the West Seattle Montessori School. They’ve been using the Bloomz App for more than a year.

“Parent-teacher communication is one of the most important aspects in helping young children grow,” Miqueli said. “In the past, email has been good, but the addition of this app has made it more fun and easier.”

Throughout the day Miqueli’s class gathers in the middle of the room so they can acknowledge the work of the students. Whether a student demonstrates courage, maintains a clean work area, or did a good job following directions, a parent will get notified. There are also a variety of other acknowledgments a student can receive, both good and bad.

“It makes it more like your everyday texting that you’re doing with your everyday friends and family,” Miqueli said.

The app is now expanding to include sports teams and other organizations.

If you are interested in learning more you can go to Bloomz.net or download the Bloomz app on your mobile device.