During Week 3 of the regular season, the league saw a massive response to President Donald Trump’s comments on the NFL as he took aim at the several players protesting during the national anthem.

The response to Trump’s comments, which called for the firing of any player that takes part in the protests during the national anthem, saw each team show in some way a unified front.

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Some teams interlocked arms while others had a mix of interlocked arms and kneeling players. Regardless, there was a massive league-wide response.

The Indianapolis Colts had a handful of players kneel while the rest of the team stood and interlocked arms during the national anthem in their Week 3 home game against the Browns.

The reviews from fans were mixed but one fan — or shall we say former fan — showed his disagreement with the protests by burning his Colts jersey and his season tickets, via FOX59.

“For everybody who didn’t stand, this is for you. All you guys who did stand, America appreciates it,” said Shannon Turner of Muncie, IN. “Bye Colts, I’m done with you, hope a lot more people banned your (expletive).”

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said after the Week 3 win that the team wanted to show unity amid Trump’s comments toward the league.