It's becoming more and more apparent, Marshawn Lynch wants to come back and play in the NFL, even if the Oakland deal falls through.  

The Boston Herald reports that Beast Mode could be interested in playing for New England.

Of course, there may be conditions added to his contract, due to his attitude.

Lynch has a history of being a little difficult in Seattle.   He wore Kam Chancellor's jersey at practice when Kam was holding out.   Lynch, himself, held out on the Seahawks back in 2014.

Plus, the Seahawks thought he was heading to Minnesota with the team for a playoff game, but at the last minute, he bailed. To be fair, he was coming back from an injury, at the time.  

And not to mention his unwillingness to talk with the media.  From his "I'm just here so I won't get fined" to his "yeah" interview, Lynch started his own kind of boycott with the media.

But if Lynch is open to the Patriots, it may because of his contract demands won't be met by the Raiders.  The soon-to-be 31-year-old is due $9 million on his current contract, if he's not cut.  That's definitely not the going rate for a running back in the NFL.

A much younger Eddie Lacy received $4.25 million from the Hawks, plus incentives. Former Raiders running back Latavius Murray got a 3-year deal worth $15 million, but only $3.4 million guaranteed.

So the market may not be where Beast Mode wants it. Same goes for another former Pro Bowl free agent, Adrian Peterson.  

If Lynch truly wants to make a comeback, it will be interesting to see what kind of a discount a team will get for the enigma known as Beast Mode.