The 2018 Olympics are six months away.

Tuesday Tom Waldron provided some insight as to how some of the area’s competitive alpine skiers train during the off-season.

Waldron is the founder and president of Mini Mountain, an indoor ski school in Bellevue.

Some athletes don't mind staying away from the snow as long as they focus on the same muscles used in skiing.

“Any kind of exercise is better than no exercise, but it’s really hard to duplicate skiing,” he said.

Waldron said running backwards helps skiers.

“When you’re skiing, you go around the corner and the ground pushes in at you, so it’s sort of a collapsing motion,” he gestured.

Mini Mountain has an indoor 13-degree downhill ski ‘treadmill’ inside. It’s carpeted and goes up to four miles per hour. Waldron said exercises on the treadmill include using dots embedded in the carpet to practice turning.

Newer versions of indoor ski treadmills like Waldron’s have popped up across the country, from San Diego to Minneapolis.