A crowd started showing up late Friday and sat in line all weekend at CenturyLink Field, waiting for Seahawk single game tickets to go on sale at 9 a.m. Monday morning.

Team officials said fans couldn't line up until 7 a.m. Monday, but that didn't stop dozens of them from getting in line early. Fans were restricted to purchasing only four tickets and about 1,700 tickets per game were available.

In recent years, the Seahawks have used a wristband model where people would sit in line for a short period of time, get a wristband that would ensure their seats, then they could return to the ticket line Monday morning to pick out the game they want to attend.

This year, they did not use that model and around the time the gates opened, tensions began to rise as some people cut to the front of the line, even though they did not wait in line at all.

"We understand there was a bit of confusion at our single-game ticket event at CenturyLink Field this morning because fans were camping outside of stadium property," a Seahawks spokesperson said. "We discouraged camping and fans were not permitted on CenturyLink Field property until 7 a.m. this morning. Single-game tickets still remain at the CenturyLink Field Box Office for $65.50. Everyone who attended our on-sale event were able to purchase Seahawks tickets. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion."

Seattle Police and CenturyLink Field security were both on scene to make sure everyone remained peaceful. Despite some tense exchanges between fans, the line remained civil once the gates were opened.

The opening game against the San Francisco 49ers and the Nov. 20 against the Falcons were two of the most popular among fans.