SEATTLE -- Seahawks fans dominate all other fans in Washington and Oregon, the Dawgs are more beloved than the Cougs, and Richard Sherman is more popular than Michael Crabtree in over 90 percent of the country.

Those are some of the results of a Facebook fan analysis by real estate blog Estately, which looked at popularity of both NFL and college teams.

Here are a few takeaways (View the maps):

The Super Bowl champions are the most popular NFL team in Washington and Oregon, but the Oregon Ducks are more popular than the Seahawks in the Beaver State

The San Francisco 49ers are the most popular team in California, Nevada and, for some reason, South Carolina. But, the Denver Broncos own most of the Western U.S. fan real estate.

Despite the addition of so-called bandwagon Seahawks fans, the 49ers and at least seven other teams are still more popular than the Seahawks.

Mediocre indeed. There are more fans of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman than 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree in 46 states. Three states, including California and Texas, root more for Crabtree. It's a dead heat in New York.

Do you love fantasy football? If you're in Washington, you're in the minority. Estately finds that most people here prefer bird watching over fantasy leagues.

You have to feel for the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams. Both teams are in Missouri, but fans in that state still love the Arizona Cardinals. The Cards played in St. Louis between 1960 and 1987.

The Washington Huskies win the Apple Cup of popularity over Washington State, but in Florida, it's the Gators who win out over defending National Champion Florida State.

If it wasn't for the Seahawks, most Washington state fans would root for the Buffalo Bills. There's a head-scratcher.

The NFL team with the fewest fans in Washington is the Oakland Raiders. But the Jacksonville Jaguars are the lovable losers across the nation. They have the fewest fans in 39 states.

Another fun fact about the Raiders. They have more fans in Wisconsin than in California. Go figure.

Finally, what do fans want to know about Russell Wilson? According to Google, fans are mostly searching to find out his marital status. Other popular searches:

  • Is 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh a jerk?
  • Is Michael Crabtree mediocre?
  • Is Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger dead?
  • Is Tim Tebow still a virgin?
  • Is Alabama head coach Nick Saban the devil? Also, is he in the illuminati?