The Seahawks weren’t juggernauts in the mid 1980s so perhaps that’s how former KING 5 Creative Director Pat Cashman convinced some of the players to sing and dance in a music video.

It’s a star studded cast that includes the likes of Michael Jackson, Edwin Bailey, Mike Tice, Paul Moyer, and Norm Johnson.

Believe it or not the video was available for purchase on VHS in 1985, and the proceeds went to charity.

Cashman was also the brainchild behind Mariners commercials to highlight promotional giveaways when the M’s were broadcast partners with KING 5.

Unlike the Hawks music video, Cashman had trouble trying to convince actual Mariners players to star in the unconventional commercials. However, he persisted, and the commercials became so popular that funny Mariners commercials are an annual tradition today.